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The idea for Broadview Brewing Company is simple. Great beer, right here in our own community. Broadview Heights is a great place to live, raise a family, start a business and now drink fresh, crafted beers.

Owners Terry and Janice DeLap enjoy drinking beer made in the surrounding Cleveland / Akron / Canton area. They had been thinking about opening a brewery of their own for a couple of years, so right in the middle of the pandemic, they figured why not now? Of course, their hobby was drinking beer, not brewing beer, so along came the search for a brewer. They came across Wyatt on a beer-related Facebook page they both followed. Coincidentally, Wyatt was born and raised in Broadview Heights! Wyatt had graduated from the Siebel Institute in Chicago and had worked for Willougby Brewing as an assistant and eventually head brewer. Working alongside the Brewmaster there, he won a variety of local and national awards, which culminated in a World Beer Cup Gold Medal in 2014. While Wyatt was looking for the next challenge in his professional career, Terry and Janice were looking for a brewer. They met in person and that’s how Broadview Brewing Company began.

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